Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Mama Confessions

Here is a great idea I got from Bethany at Mama Chocolat. She asked us to share ours and sure enough I have a few things I need to get off my chest.

1. I underestimated the weather today and I don't think the jacket I put on Baby Henry was warm enough. I felt so bad.

2. Sometimes I drink caffeine even tho I am breastfeeding.

3. My husband has had 3 days off and I haven't cleaned at all. My house looks awful and its been driving me insane.

4. I keep meaning to start my postpartum exercise and diet routine........not happening soon enough.

5. I miss my work family.

6. I dropped the remote on Henry the other day. He didn't cry. He just gave me a very confused look. I had to tell him then and there how his mother is a clutz.

7. For some reason how my husband views me as a mother is very important to me.

8. Even tho my I had a healthy birth and I know things went beyond what I had expected. I still feel upset with myself for not sticking to the plan.

9. I don't know how many of those first days I went without seeing daylight. Baby and I were up at night and sleeping during the day. Not to mention I was terrified to take him anywhere.

10. I have way too many pictures of Henry squinting. I have this incredible urge to take pictures of him sleeping. I don't know how many times I have woken him up with the flash from my camera.

This is him waking up while I am indulging in my picture taking urges....


  1. I LOVE these momma confessions! I, too, take in quite a bit of caffeine. It honestly doesn't bother Isaiah- and I always feel like, "Look! I can't get up all night with him AND function during the day without caffeine- that's freaking ridiculous." Also, our living area is still a disaster. I don't have time to clean!

    Okay, about the birth. I can SO relate. I had a funky birth experience and I'm still trying to get over it. I PLANNED a homebirth but had to transport to the hospital right at the last minute. I guess you always feel like, "The baby is safe so I shouldn't feel upset about it!" but it's really okay to process through a birth that didn't go according to plan for every reason! :) Hang in there!

    Sorry for leaving a novel. I guess I could've summed it up with, "I can relate."

    CUTE baby! I just want to kiss him!

  2. prob I love novels.

    Yeah....I was really planning for a natural unmedicated birth. I read all the books. Went to all the classes. But it did not workout like that at all.

    24 hours into active labor they found out he was sunnyside up. I was having intense back labor and hardly dialating. I was at 2 cm when my contractions were like 3 minutes apart after 24 hours. My midwife wanted to induce me because they were worried about infection (my water had been broken for quite a while)

    Long story short I ended up induced, with 2 epidurals, (first one did not work...second one didnt do much either)

    Needless to say not my natural birth plan....

  3. I'm so late in reading this post, but I'm amazed you had a midwife in a hospital. I think it's great that it's becoming more common! I had a home birth that also didn't go quite like I planned, but I'm still happy I stayed home. I'm also glad that in spite of the challenges that you and your baby are healthy. :) Oh, and I have caffeine sometimes too...even though I'm breastfeeding. Chocolate... mmm ;)