Friday, February 25, 2011


After reading my last post over again. I found it kind of depressing. Although I do believe that the past 5 weeks or so have been more complicated, mind boggling, and just strange to me. I also believe I have been a completley different person since my baby has arrived. Not to sound too corny but.... I am filled with a profound love only a mother could understand. Here are some of the points I would like to note:

1. I love it when Baby Henry nuzzles me before he latches on. He reminds me of a puppy.

2. I also love it when he is done eating and after he passes out he uses my breast as his personal pillow.

3. I didn't think I would be one of those Mothers who would worry about him breathing at night....but I did for two weeks straight....and I was proud to have that much love for somebody.

4. I think having a baby has brought my husband closer to me.

5. I love how I am in love with perfect.....perfect toes, hands feet, skin, eyes, nose...everything is perfect.

6. I love how the world loves Henry. Everywhere we go people ask about him and old ladies adore him.

7. I love how much he has changed my ambitions...nursing school HERE I COME.

8. He has made me want to be a healthier family. I started buying all organic. I started using cloth diapers.

9. I love his early moring smiles...they make me smile. No matter how early it is.

10. I love how I look forward to every single day with excitement.

11. I love how we now make 3.


  1. Oh, how I LOVE this entry! You are a sweet and wonderful mom. Isn't breastfeeding the coziest??

  2. It is :) It was a little rocky for a couple weeks but I am so so so glad I stuck it out.

  3. Your a wonderful mom! Being a mom is the absolute best!

  4. so very beautiful. I love this picture. you are very blessed. I am a new follower.